Wayne Cleaver – Sharing 43 Years’ Finance Experience

Few people can say that they have ‘seen it all, however, when it comes to the fast-paced and ever-changing Mortgage Broking industry, Vision Property & Finance’s Wayne Cleaver, from the Newcastle office, can truly say he has witnessed nearly everything the finance industry has been through.

Wayne has worked all of his life in the finance industry, starting as a teller at a bank in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour, NSW. Working in a bank in 1973 is a world apart from our experience of a modern financial services industry.

“When I first started we kept manual ledgers. When a client came in to deposit or take money out we would go to a client’s file and physically adjust their records with a new debit or credit, updating the balance on their paper ledger.”

Not many people today could fathom going to their bank and having all of their banking conducted with pen and paper. In 2015/16 alone, for example, Australian personal and business cardholders made around 6.9 billion card payments worth $538 billion. Manually processing this number of transactions would be almost impossible.

“The whole process was very labour intensive but in a small bank in a country town we managed to cope because we never had the volume of transactions you see today.”

Good Relations with Your Broker Makes a Big Difference

In such a close community everyone soon becomes familiar, and it is this kind of relationship-building which has been a persistent characteristic of Wayne’s career. Even today, as Wayne is involved in Mortgage Broker Support, he sees his role as being critically important for the Vision team as it delivers the highest quality financial advice to people making the biggest financial commitment of their lives.

Unlike other types of credit, property financing can be highly technical and very process driven. Wayne has a lot of experience from across the financial services sector, enabling him to help the Vision team deliver the best result for their clients.

Helping People Navigate Complexity

“We deal with a range of financial institutions and each one has its standards and requirements. When clients deal with the banks on their own they find the process very time consuming and frustrating. We can help with that. We deal with the banks and financial institutions on a daily basis and can definitely save you time and money.” It is especially hard, Wayne says, for first time borrowers who don’t have much experience dealing with banks. There are so many variations in the loan products across the industry, said Wayne, it is almost impossible to get it right without good advice.

“I see mortgage brokers only growing in importance because they have the capacity to work out the best way forward for clients amongst a hugely complex set of alternatives. Brokers can help clients navigate this complexity so everything runs smoothly and their experience of buying their property is a whole lot more enjoyable.”

Grey Nomad In Training

When he is not helping Vision’s mortgage brokers by running his very experienced eye over applications and dealing with the banks and financial institutions Wayne likes to hit the road with his caravan.

“I’m a Grey Nomad in training,” he says, “and whenever the occasion presents itself I like to hitch-up the van and get on the road.” Wayne and his wife Janell are now proud grandparents to two grandchildren, who keep them wonderfully busy outside of work.

Would you like to benefit from Wayne’s years of experience in the industry?

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