Vision Newsletter March 2015

During last week most of you may have noticed that we have changed our logo and slogan. We wanted to convey who we are and what we do at first glance. When a company even just change part of their logo all communication collateral and digital media have to follow. As you may be aware of, to change a logo is no mean feat and takes time and resources to find the best fit.

You will notice you receive this e-mail from and not from our previous email To make sure that you receive all of our emails (and that they don’t accidentally land in your junk folder), please add to your address book.

We have also decided on a new slogan: Focused on your future. We chose this slogan to convey we are not just mortgage brokers; we help you find the best lender and loan for your needs; we walk with you every step until settlement and beyond. Most of all, we are here to guide you towards your future wealth goals by providing investment and financial advice when you need it.

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