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Phoebe’s Finance and Barefoot Investor Learnings – Chapter 1

August 9, 2018

The Barefoot Investor has given me basic tips and tricks for where to start investing for your future. Starting small and implementing the building blocks so you don’t have to…

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Manage Your Money Smarter – Develop Your Money Game Plan

July 23, 2018
game plan

Have you ever been shopping with a 7 year old? If it isn’t the whingeing that hurts your ears as you make your way through each isle, it is the…

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Beginners Guide to Financial Management

July 12, 2018
Financial Management

Over the past 12-18 months I have had quite a few clients ask me whether I had read the well publicized Australian book called “The Barefoot Investor“.

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Investors with Interest Only loans – Fixing your loans may save you some $$$

May 1, 2018
Fixing loans

We are seeing a gap forming between variable and fixed rates in relation to investment interest only loans.  This gap has been 0.3%-0.5% at some lenders, depending on the bank,…

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Buying Your First Home: From Dreaming Big to Moving In

September 20, 2017
buying first home

Vision Property & Finance have helped thousands of people achieve their home ownership dreams. Nothing is more exciting for us than to see happy clients moving into their First Home.…

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An Interview with Vision Mortgage Broker, Preben Warren

July 12, 2017
Preben Warren

The Australian Mortgage Industry can be an exhilarating roller coaster ride; constantly changing, ferociously competitive, and always exciting. In the last few months alone Mortgage Brokers around the country, and…

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Decisive Government Policy Changes to Help First Home Buyers

June 23, 2017
policy changes for first home buyers

First home buyers around New South Wales have witnessed a watershed moment in the battle for housing affordability, with both Federal and State Liberal governments launching historic policy changes to…

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Vision Property & Finance Newsletter July 2015

July 10, 2015

Welcome to this month’s Vision Property & Finance eNewsletter. Are you someone that does not like the idea of a large mortgage? Do you lie awake at night wondering how…

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Mortgage Savings You Should Know About

June 19, 2015

You can pay off your mortgage sooner. Analysing your mortgage could mean savings for you, as well as the opportunity to pay it off more quickly, invest in other assets or reach financial freedom sooner.

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