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How To Afford a House in Sydney

April 8, 2021
how to afford a house in sydney blog banner expensive city and confused people

Sydney is a city experiencing some of the most significant property market pricing shifts in the world. Globally, It is the 3rd most expensive city behind Vancouver and Hong Kong…

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Understanding the Moving Parts of the Property Market

September 23, 2019
property market

No doubt you already know that the property market is not a single homogenous beast. While the media tends to talk about it as an entity of itself, the property…

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Analysing Current Conditions in the Property Market

September 12, 2019

2019 has an interesting year for the property market. The ongoing effects of the market downturn have weakened prices and dampened confidence. However, several factors, including historic low interest rates,…

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Preparing Your Property for a Spring Sale

August 26, 2019
preparing your property for a spring sale

If you’re contemplating a spring sale, it’s time to get your property ready to go on the market. Traditionally the best time of year to sell, the longer days and…

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Half Yearly Property Analysis: January – June 2019

August 1, 2019
half year property analysis

Property analysis, it’s been an eventful start to 2019 for the property sector. With the findings of the royal commission handed down, a surprise result in the federal election and…

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Good Investment Property in NSW – Regionals Soar while Sydney Slides

August 31, 2018

Good Investment Property Only a year ago investors were still ploughing money into Sydney’s multiplying property developments, defying experts’ advice about changing market conditions ahead. Sydney, the economic powerhouse of…

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What Magic Taught Me About Property

July 21, 2016
magic with Vinh

Written by David Lennox I have always been fascinated by magic and the sheer skill of a great magician. What does this have to do with property and finance?

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