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What To Do After Your Loan is Settled

April 8, 2021

To say that the process for applying for a mortgage is strenuous, complicated and time-consuming is an understatement. But you’ve gathered all your information, let your broker put it through…

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Buy a Home Before Christmas: Here’s Why

November 12, 2020
buy a home before christmas blog banner

It’s the time of year when summer is starting to set in, holiday plans are in motion, and the faint ringing of sleigh bells can be heard in the distance.…

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Infrastructure and Growing Property Prices: NSW Projects to Look Out For

October 15, 2020

There is a significant correlation between infrastructure development and growing property prices. This is due to the multiple benefits that arise out of infrastructure development. An improvement to an area’s…

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First Home Buyers – $55k+ in cash benefits potentially available!

May 28, 2020

There are SIGNIFICANT benefits available for first home buyers.  There are now 3 schemes available to first home buyers in NSW which could represent over $55,000 in cash savings.  Here…

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Reverse Mortgages and You

August 9, 2019
reverse mortgages

A reverse mortgages are a type of home loan especially designed for pensioners and retirees who tend to be rich in assets but short on income. Reverse mortgages allow seniors…

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What Do Mortgage Brokers Do? The Extra Value Your Mortgage Broker Provides

December 17, 2018

In recent times there has been much confusion about the role of Mortgage Brokers, and in particular what they do beyond working with clients to get applications for Property Finance…

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Give Yourself the Gift of Good Advice this Christmas

December 13, 2018

The best Christmas gifts are not the ones sitting under the tree. As banks put the squeeze on lending criteria, and the finance industry becomes increasingly complex, the best Christmas gift…

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Welcome to the team: Customer Liaison Officer

February 22, 2018
Peter Marples

As we enter our 18th year of Vision this January, we have a large loyal database of clients which we fully appreciate and look forward to helping for many many…

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How To Fund Your Renovation

December 28, 2017
Fund your renovation

Any renovation project, large or small, can be all-consuming in terms of your energy and money. Here are six loan types that can help you get your dream home.

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Ewan Bennett – How a Mortgage Broker can service Clients across all areas

September 25, 2017

Modern Mortgage Brokerages are in a very competitive industry, where success means more than simply having the lowest rates or the largest suite of loan products to choose from. Building…

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