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11 Christmas Budgeting Tips to Free You of Financial Stress

October 30, 2023
11 Christmas Budgeting Tips

Christmas is a joyous time when families come together, but for many, it can also mean financial stress. The holiday season often comes with increased expenses for gifts, festive meals,…

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Vision’s Tax Time Guide: 5 Ways to Prepare

June 5, 2023
Vision's Tax Time Guide

It’s almost that time of the year when Australians begin the process of lodging their tax returns. Doing this fulfils a citizen’s obligations as a taxpayer, ensuring compliance with tax…

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What is the Cost of Income Protection?

March 13, 2023
cost of income protection

Income protection is a type of insurance designed to provide financial support in the event that an individual becomes unable to work due to illness, injury, or disability.   The cost…

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First Home Buyers – $55k+ in cash benefits potentially available!

May 28, 2020

There are SIGNIFICANT benefits available for first home buyers.  There are now 3 schemes available to first home buyers in NSW which could represent over $55,000 in cash savings.  Here…

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The Property Election – How it could affect you

May 15, 2019
Property Election

This Saturday is shaping up to be the biggest election day ever for the property and mortgage industry. Property investors, first home buyers and mortgage brokers will be on the…

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A good family under pressure get financial relief and long term support

April 10, 2019
Financial relief

If you’re building towards significant financial pressure, the earlier you speak with us the better as there are solutions for financial relief out there.

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Hot tips for selling your home in winter

April 3, 2019
selling your home in winter

Tempt buyers to come in out of the cold and keep your sale price hot with a little bit of winter selling know-how from Vision Property & Finance.

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How the Banking Royal Commission recommendations will hurt You

March 8, 2019
Royal Commission

Given the Banking Royal Commission recommendations we’re going to need your help, to keep helping You!

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Are these easy loan structuring mistakes costing you $$?

August 21, 2018
loan structuring

Over nearly 20 years, we have reviewed loans for 1,000’s of Aussies.  Often, we are helping with a home / investment purchase, but other times we are helping fix loan…

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Phoebe’s Finance and Barefoot Investor Learnings – Chapter 1

August 9, 2018

The Barefoot Investor has given me basic tips and tricks for where to start investing for your future. Starting small and implementing the building blocks so you don’t have to…

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