budget tips for first home buyer savings

No matter your situation, property investing is about generating wealth. If your rental property isn’t performing to its full potential, the question is ‘why not?’    Anything you can do as an investor to improve the performance of your asset will reward you well – be it capital growth, manufactured equity, or additional income. Here are some simple steps we’ve learnt over the years that can help ensure you are getting the maximum…

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When it comes to investment properties, many people assume this is a financial ambition out of reach. You feel pressed with existing commitments and believe it’s a distant goal, like once the children have left the nest. You might be surprised to learn that buying a second property isn’t as impossible as it sounds.

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Standing on the sidelines gives parents lots of time to talk. The talk starts about kids, but cricket goes for a really long time!! So talk does turn to work. Polite questions I get are:

‘What do you do?’
‘How is the market treating you?’
‘Where are rates heading?’

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