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First Home Buyers – $55k+ in cash benefits potentially available!

May 28, 2020

There are SIGNIFICANT benefits available for first home buyers.  There are now 3 schemes available to first home buyers in NSW which could represent over $55,000 in cash savings.  Here…

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What Do Mortgage Brokers Do? The Extra Value Your Mortgage Broker Provides

December 17, 2018

In recent times there has been much confusion about the role of Mortgage Brokers, and in particular what they do beyond working with clients to get applications for Property Finance…

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Housing Hopes Ignited for First Home Buyers

June 25, 2018
First home buyer

First Home Buyers’ hopes for securing a foothold in the Australian housing market have been given a boost by a combination of cooling markets, with price rises edging away from…

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Housing Market Eases – Good News for First Home Buyers

January 11, 2018
First home buyers

Over the past several years there has been a substantial amount of noise in the media about escalating home prices and property becoming unaffordable for first home buyers. Fears about…

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NSW Residents buying SE Queensland Properties – predicts next boom

October 16, 2017
NSW residents move to Queensland

South East Queensland is set to benefit by an injection of over $8 billion in asset transfers from other states. According to a research note issued to Macquarie Bank customers,…

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Ewan Bennett – How a Mortgage Broker can service Clients across all areas

September 25, 2017

Modern Mortgage Brokerages are in a very competitive industry, where success means more than simply having the lowest rates or the largest suite of loan products to choose from. Building…

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Buying Your First Home: From Dreaming Big to Moving In

September 20, 2017
buying first home

Vision Property & Finance have helped thousands of people achieve their home ownership dreams. Nothing is more exciting for us than to see happy clients moving into their First Home.…

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Mortgage Changes Clarified – Interview with David Lennox

August 18, 2017
mortgage changes clarified

It has been a hectic year for the property market which continues to see solid growth, outwitting the experts’ opinions as the predicted crash in property values hasn’t eventuated. Though…

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Rentvesting – Helping People get on the Property Ladder

August 10, 2017

Getting a foot on the property ladder today has seemingly never been further away for cash-strapped and housing affordability-challenged Australians. Young and old alike are struggling to save enough; and…

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An Interview with Vision Mortgage Broker, Preben Warren

July 12, 2017
Preben Warren

The Australian Mortgage Industry can be an exhilarating roller coaster ride; constantly changing, ferociously competitive, and always exciting. In the last few months alone Mortgage Brokers around the country, and…

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