Calling All Clients! Vision’s Peter Marples and Ewan Bennet Tell How Staying in Touch Can Help Clients

Staying in touch can help clients, Susan finished a hard day’s work. Collecting the kids on the way home, she stepped into her house in Sydney’s leafy North and grabbed a hard-earned lemon and lime spritzer as she prepared the family’s dinner.

Just then the phone rang.

‘Who could this be?’ She wondered.

A soothing and calm voice at the other end of the phone replied, ‘It’s Peter Marples from Vision Property & Finance.’

Her mind raced, ‘Oh, yes! The home loan! But, why is he calling? Could there be something wrong?’

For a moment she dreaded to find out.

Before she could ask Peter why he had called, he had immediately put her at ease.

“You’re probably wondering why we are calling. It isn’t anything serious! It’s been almost 12 months since you settled into your new home and we just wanted to know how you are getting on, and if you had any questions.”

We see the value – staying in touch can help clients!

Susan and her husband Derek had been happy with Vision’s service as they prepared to buy their new home. They’d purchased at auction and Vision quickly helped them choose a loan that was better than even they had thought they could find.

Since then, there had been some changes. Derek had been promoted. Only a few nights earlier, they had talked about possibly investing in a property to rent.

Fortunately, Peter could help. He took down the details of her husband’s new income and passed on the details to one of Vision’s best mortgage brokers. Within weeks they had their very first investment property with tenants already secured and paying rent.

Vision – Here for good!

The above scenario is similar to hundreds of calls that Vision Property & Finance’s Peter Marples and his colleague from Vision’s Newcastle office, Ewan Bennett, have made to clients over the last several years.

One thing both Peter and Ewan agree on is that often the clients they talk to are very surprised to hear from them.

“Very often you’ll call clients,” says Peter, “and it is the first time they have ever got a call from any business after buying something.”

Ewan says that clients’ surprise soon turns to delight when they realise Vision isn’t just another place you can find a home loan but the team genuinely care about how you are faring after you have made the biggest purchase of your life.

“When they realise we are trying to understand how they are getting on in their life, and with the loan and the property they have just secured, they start to understand that Vision is here to help. And we’re here for the long run!”

The Value of Vision’s Check-up Call

“The thing they find most surprising,” says Peter, “is that this is not a sales call, like so many other calls they might receive every day.”

While Vision Property & Finance can help across all areas of their customers’ financial lives, the main focus of Peter’s and Ewan’s calls to customers is to help with any questions they may have.

Peter says the calls are an invaluable way Vision can add value for customers well after their initial contact.

“They may have all kinds of questions that need answering; whether that is something about the terms of their loan, repayments, or anything else to do with the loan. We are more than happy to clear anything up for them. This gives clients confidence in the service that we’ve provided them and in the fact that we’re here to help for good!”

Help for Life

Ewan has observed that clients’ lives can often change quite a bit. By simply keeping in touch we can potentially take a lot of pressure off.

“When you are involved in the cut and thrust of life- because we are busy all of the time – it is sometimes possible to lose sight of getting answers to those fundamental questions.”

“For example, we recently dealt with clients who had purchased a home in the last few years and now their family is expanding. They’re having a baby, and so the question we can ask is whether they would like a free financial health check. This is a totally free service and can really help people adjust to any changes in their lives by providing tools to look at their budget, so when something like a growing family does happen you can ensure you’re in a good place to cope.”

“This might mean taking a look at your insurance policies to re-arrange anything you need to, to match the extra responsibilities you now have. This is one of the extra services that Vision can provide that sometimes if you have recently arranged your home loan through us, you might not know that we can also help in this area.”

Extra Money in Your Pocket

With a lot of the changes at the banks recently some clients who have formerly arranged home loans through us probably don’t realise they may qualify for a price adjustment.

Peter explains this can often mean clients may end up actually paying less in mortgage repayments or possibly even having a lower rate home loan simply by following this up.

“One of the benefits of calling people regularly is to check-up and see if their bank has made any changes to the home loans clients may have. This could mean they are able to save even further. One client recently discovered that he qualified for a price adjustment, then noted that the extra cash he had on-hand allowed him to purchase an extra bottle of wine for his weekend barbeques. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it made a huge difference to this man’s life.”

Ewan recalls a recent call to a client that had arranged a home loan with Vision Property & Finance.

“This client had a home loan arranged through us a number of years ago and has recently approached the stage in life where she would like to secure her financial future and had thought about investing in property. On the spot, we were able to take her details and have one of our expert Mortgage Brokers help her apply for a property investment loan.”

All of these outcomes were possible because Vision is interested in seeing clients reach their own financial goals. This is nearly always a long-term effort. Vision Property & Finance wants clients to know, we are there every step of the way.

Next time Ewan or Peter call, feel free to ask them about any financial question you have.

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