Practices that lead to consistently better outcomes

If you are going to secure your future through property, you need to have your loans working FOR you.

This means having appropriate loan structures, highly competitive rate and fee structures and most importantly, a team that sets you up with a long term mindset.

We have created successful loan structures for thousands of property buyers and although their journeys differ, Vision knows that there are a few common practices that lead to consistently better outcomes, and we are more than pleased to share them with you! This is how we get your loans helping you secure your future through property.

Know You

Discuss your goals and find out what you want to achieve

Collect data and gather information from you

Confirm our understanding with you to ensure we are on track

Understand how your monthly budget works

Understand and communicate the areas we will need to consider in putting your package together

Start to understand what type of finance structure is right for you

Research & guidance

Arm you with knowledge

Ensure you understand your loan structuring options

Assess your borrowing capacity

We speak with our senior lending contacts to see what they can do to best serve you

Present you with a recommendation of an optimal loan structure

Show you how your new loan structures will impact your monthly cash flow

Put everything in place

Once you are comfortable, we put the plan in place for you

We project manage everything for you

We lodge your loan and send in the relevant supporting information

We liaise with the lenders, solicitors, real estate agents, valuers… EVERYONE!

We ensure the process is as smooth and successful for you, every step of the way

We communicate with you all along the way

Walk alongside you

We continue working for you after your loan settles

We ensure that you are comfortable with how your new accounts operate

We keep you abreast of changes in the industry

We invite you to have your package and rates reviewed regularly to ensure you are receiving highly competitive rates

Is that the type of service that you’re looking for?