Hot tips for selling your home in winter

Just because it’s getting chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you’ll be left out in the cold when it comes to selling your home in winter. When the weather changes and the temperature drops, it’s still possible to fetch a good property price with a little bit of winter selling know-how.

For winter sellers, here is some practical advice on how you can tempt buyers to come in out of the cold and keep your sale price hot.

Brighten up your street appeal

To increase the chances that a buyer will fall in love at first sight with your property, you’ll need to impress them with a good first impression. The last thing you want is would-be buyers to be greeted with a depressing, dishevelled outdoor area.

  • Start by raking leaves, mowing the lawn, pruning bushes, and moving bins out of sight.
  • Paths, paved areas, and the driveway cop a beating over summer so give them a good clean with your high pressure hose.
  • Rusty, unhinged gates and unstable letterboxes are a big no-no so get your DIY on and give these the attention they need.
  • For a welcoming touch that makes your home look more vibrant in the gloom of winter, add some colourful winter flowers in pots by the front door.

Show off your home with clever lighting

Houses can look drab and dull in the bleak winter but there are inexpensive ways to bathe your home in an abundance of light. Natural light is an incredibly attractive prospect for any house hunter, so let the sunshine stream by raising the blinds, opening the shutters, and pulling back the curtains on every window.

On dark winter days, you may not have as much natural lighting as you would like so keeping lights on at inspections is a must. Turn on every light in the house, including lamps and robe lighting, to cast a cosy glow over each room.

Banish the cold

There’s nothing like stepping out of the cold and into a warm, inviting home. The warmth will also help put buyers at ease about whether or not the heating system works. Aim to have the house heated to a comfortable temperature well in advance of the commencement of the open house.

A toasty fire can be a great asset in the winter, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it during an inspection. Be sure to place a screen in front of it so that curious young hands don’t get too close.

Use winter home staging tricks

Whenever you sell a home, it’s vital to remember that you’re also selling the lifestyle that comes with living in that home. In winter, you want to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth and that’s as easy as making sure your styling reflects the lifestyle you’re selling.

Thick, textural blankets can be used on lounges and on beds, and plush rugs can be used throughout, to create a cosy feeling that encourages buyers to imagine themselves snuggling up in your home next winter.

Dress your dining room table for an elegant dinner or add a vase of fresh cut flowers. In the master bedroom, set a breakfast tray on the bed containing a coffee cup and saucer, napkin, and a home décor magazine.

Once you’ve cleaned and decluttered the bathroom, it’s time to add in the touches that will make it feel like a day spa. Fresh white towels, a nicely styled bamboo tray over the bath, and some nicely packaged soaps and scrubs, will offer an elegant touch and bring a homely feel that have people thinking about how they’ll live in your home.

Make the most of your outdoor space

There’s a lot going on inside, but don’t forget about the outdoors. Show your buyers how they could use your home’s outdoor space all year round by showcasing any outdoor features such as a fire pit, outdoor heater, or pizza oven. Add some warm winter throws over your outdoor chairs to help bring colour to the area to show how effortless it is to entertain all year round. Buyers love more living options and the outside makes an ideal extra space if you show it off wisely.

Market the home to your advantage

Winter doesn’t mean your house has to look gloomy and bleak in the photos used for your online listing. Selling your home in winter is the perfect opportunity to present your property in a different light, literally. In fading winter light, photographers might choose to shoot your home brightly lit up at night. These photos are becoming increasingly popular as they can show off certain features of a home that come alive as the evening approaches.

You’ve sold your house. What’s next?

With all these tips working to your advantage, selling your home in winter could lead to a fantastic sale much quicker than you were expecting. When you’re ready to finance the purchase of your next home, Vision Property and Finance can help you navigate the process for a better deal.

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