Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Welcome to this month’s Vision Property & Finance eNewsletter.

Here is what many of you are saying at the moment:

“The property market is too hot, I fear I have missed the boat”
“Interest rates have fallen again, it’s hard to see this run stopping soon”
“You can’t get any investment properties under $600k in Sydney metro”

Here is what we say:

1.  Don’t rush your purchase – please take the time to do your normal due diligences (inspect the property a few times, get the contract reviewed, do the building and pest – we are having clients wanting to skip these steps and forget where to look when buying their home.

2. Put money back in your pocket – if your loans have not been reviewed for 18 months or more, we are guessing there is a 70%+ chance you are paying a bit too much on your variable loans – if you would like a review, call us OR simply fill in the form.

3. There are always opportunities for property investors – believe it or not there are solid property investment opportunities in the $400k – $500k – these are not in Australia’s most popular cities, but they definitely stack up well as part of your portfolio.