Good Property Investments Still Exist – One Vision Client’s Capital Growth Story

In the lead-up to the property market boom in Sydney and Melbourne investors had many good news stories of property choices that had delivered tremendous growth and income. As the property cycle has changed, some investors have lamented the paucity of deals that only a few years ago were abundant.

However, Vision Property & Finance’s property investment expert, Matt Ivers, says good investor outcomes are still available. With the right advice, tools, and good property selections investors can still win with property. It just takes a little effort and good strategy.

Investors Still Able to Win with Property

“I recently had clients who were interested in making a capital growth play,” says Matt. This kind of strategy focuses on a rising market delivering capital growth the investor can access.

“We ended-up choosing apartment investments in Brisbane’s south. The location was very unique and the apartments were built to high-end, owner-occupied standards. The location easily has one of Brisbane’s best views.”
Matt says the results the clients have achieved are nothing less than amazing.

“The apartments were purchased off-the-plan two years ago and were completed between 6 and 12 months ago. One client has achieved more than $150,000 in capital growth, and our other client has had offers near $1 million on a property purchased for $780,000. These two investments are some of the best Vision has been involved with.”

Investor’s Perspective – Good Team and Property Selection Keys to Winning

Adrian Lewis is one client Matt has been dealing with throughout the whole journey. They have a history of working together successfully but this recent real estate investment has surpassed all expectations.

“When we started looking for an investment opportunity I was looking for an investment that delivered a quality product in a good location and could generate solid capital growth while having good rental yield. This particular investment on Brisbane’s southside ticked all the boxes”

Adrian comes from Wollongong, south of Sydney, and has been investing in property for over 15 years. He has previously enjoyed success with Queensland residential real estate but never had investing experience with apartments. He says he relied on Matt Ivers’ and Visions’ expertise to help make this investment successful.

“Matt made it a very easy process. He kept us informed and there were no surprises. He guided us through the whole journey. Matt assisted from canvassing the investment, all the way through to settlement and financing. He helped with the research and also with mitigating any risks. His advice was invaluable.”

Amazing Result – $150k Capital Growth in Just 7 Months!

Adrian’s property in this unique development has recently delivered much better growth than he could have ever imagined, “An identical property in this complex sold recently for $150,000. So, within 7 to 8 months of settling on the property, we have been able to see $150,000 in capital growth.”

Adrian believes there were several keys to this investment achieving out-sized success.

“The developer, the design of the building, the high-quality finish, as well as the stunning location contributed to this being successful. This combined with the help and advice from Vision, which made us feel very assured, all worked to give us a good result.”

Market Defying Outcome

Matt says that much of the strategy involved in this success defied the market. “Apartments in Brisbane have been flat. Many of the experts say Brisbane has an over-supply issue which has been holding back growth. Although, this isn’t likely to be an issue for much longer. Some might have questioned why we’d go with an apartment investment in Brisbane but this choice had so many unique points of difference that it really stood out to the trained eye.”

Are you looking for an investment edge?

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