Analysis of your property investment capacity

Most first time property investors want to understand how property investment works.

So our Property Investor Program is about educating you on the ins and outs of property investment.  It includes assessing your investment capacity and your personal risk tolerance, which will help you select the right kind of investment property to suit your budget and personality.

When you start investing, it’s time to develop the mindset of ‘I am running a business’.  It is about balancing your monthly cash flow with capital growth!  Also, as an investor, you will want to be able to continue borrowing so that you can increase your property portfolio if you desire.

We also help you with your property selection and structuring your loans to minimise your interest payments and maximise your flexibility.

The Property Investor Program also provides you with property market trend analysis to help you with the correct timing for buying into a particular location. This program also includes property investment education that will equip you with the knowledge that you need in order to invest in property safely and wisely.

Finally, banks regularly change their lending policies and loan products, and also the way they offer interest rate discounts. The Property Investor Program includes regular reviews to ensure you are building your equity as planned, that your loan structure is working for you and that your home loan remains as competitive as possible.

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