Helping you to continue building your property portfolio

When building a property portfolio, it is all about structuring your loans to maximise your borrowing capacity!

So our Portfolio Builder Finance Program allows you to optimise your buying capacity by using ‘investor friendly’ loan structuring techniques and using lenders with the best policies that gives you access to the funds you need to continue building your property portfolio.

The program also includes property trend analysis to assist you with correct timing for buying, as well as identifying potential future property ‘hot spots’.

We help Portfolio Builders keep track of their portfolios with simple, easy to understand models, which helps them understand their position and how they are positioned to add to their portfolio. Finally, banks regularly change their lending policies and loan products, and also the way they offer interest rate discounts. The Portfolio Builder Program includes regular reviews to ensure you are building your equity as planned, that your loan structure is working for you and that your home loan remains as competitive as possible.

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