Determine whether you are able to keep your first home or need to sell it

Most upgraders need to know how much they can afford and also whether or not they can hold on to their first home.

So our Home Upgrader Program includes an assessment to help you determine whether you are better off selling your first home or keeping it as an investment property.

This program will also supply you with a property trend analysis which will help you establish whether the timing for buying or selling is optimal.  This will help take some of the emotion out of your decision making.

Home Upgraders typically look for advice around selling a property for the first time, whether bridging finance is a good idea, and the pros and cons around building or renovating their existing home.

Traditionally, our ‘Upgraders’ needs are evolving, with growing families that may be going from two incomes to a single income for a period of time, or families with more established incomes that are wanting to upgrade their home for more space. Therefore this program caters for both scenarios and will assist you achieve this next step successfully.

Finally, banks regularly change their lending policies and loan products, and also the way they offer interest rate discounts.  The Home Upgrader Program includes regular reviews to ensure you are building your equity as planned, that your loan structure is working for you and that your home loan remains as competitive as possible.

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