Your first home is a stepping stone

For most first home buyers, their first home is a stepping stone into the home they really want.

So we help you get into your first home by supplying you with the best home loan within our product suite to meet your needs, as well as providing you with an effective Property Finance Program that plans for your next home!

Our First Home Buyer Program is designed to get you into your second home faster by reducing the amount you pay in interest and providing you with a loan structure that gives you flexibility and choices when you decide you want or need to upgrade.

Typically our first home buyers are looking for advice on how the finance industry works, how much they can borrow, what sort of property to buy, how to manage their repayments and how to structure their loans to minimise interest payments and allow flexibility when they want to upgrade.

Finally, banks regularly change their lending policies and loan products, and also the way they offer interest rate discounts. The First Home Buyer Program includes regular reviews to ensure you are building your equity as planned, that your loan structure is working for you and that your home loan remains as competitive as possible.

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