Preparing Your Property for a Spring Sale

If you’re contemplating a spring sale, it’s time to get your property ready to go on the market. Traditionally the best time of year to sell, the longer days and warmer weather of spring attract more buyers to the market while also showing properties to best advantage.

While spring is a great time to sell, it can also lead to a crowded market. To increase your chances of achieving a quick sale, it’s vital to put the effort in now to make your property stand out and attract the right buyers.

Follow these suggestions to help you prepare your property for a spring sale to achieve the best possible return on your investment.

Present your house as move-in-ready

Make the most of eager spring buyers by presenting your home as move-in-ready. Before putting your house on the market, complete all those odd jobs to offer prospective buyers a finished home with nothing left to do. Making your home move-in-ready will reward you with a quicker sale and a higher sale price.

Update your outdoor areas

Take advantage of the warmer days by ensuring outdoor areas are clean, well maintained and presented with the buyer in mind. Freshen up outdoor areas with potted colour, update old outdoor furniture and declutter neglected corners to maximise your sale price. Entice buyers with a lifestyle, not just a home.

Bring the outside in

Spring is the ideal time to bring your property to life with leafy plants, vibrant colours and scented flowers. Bring the outside in with easy to look after indoor greenery. Make the most of the views from your windows by creating lush vertical gardens on balconies and on fences. Adding feature pots with mature plants will also add visual interest.

Maximise space by decluttering

Free up space by decluttering your home before you place it on the market. Change up your furniture or work with new furniture placement to create the illusion of more space. Display your home to best advantage to make it easy for potential purchasers to see how they could live in your home.

Define places to relax

Today’s buyers are busier than ever. Attract their interest by highlighting places to relax and chill out. Divide living areas into zones to make best use of the space and add beans bags, comfy chairs or a daybed to create a cosy nook for relaxation. Invite your buyers to imagine their new lives in their new home.

Style your property for families

If you’re in a family market, it’s important to style your property with families in mind. Stage a room as a second living space or teenage retreat, install additional storage, highlight convenient off-street parking and ensure your property is fully fenced and secure. This will meet the demands of families and help you secure a quick sale.

Spruce up the street appeal

Street appeal matters. Increase your sale price by freshening the exterior of your property with a coat of paint, repairing broken tiles, replanting gardens, updating the driveway and replacing your front door. First impressions are everything – transforming your home’s street appeal will help you achieve a successful spring sale.

Highlight flexible spaces

Properties providing flexible spaces to relax, entertain, work and play are increasingly popular with buyers. Highlight the flexibility of your home and how spaces can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Stage rooms to demonstrate their versatility as a place of work, entertaining and relaxation to attract more buyers and achieve a quicker sale.

Create storage solutions

Clever storage solutions will set your property apart in a crowded market. Show buyers there is a place for everything by investing in built in wardrobes, installing extra drawers and shelving and utilising unused space in stairwells and hallways. Storage is a big ticket item for many potential buyers and will help you with your spring sale.

Entice with a welcoming entry

Create an inviting entrance to your home by cultivating a lush garden and repairing any broken tiles or pavers. Paint your front door, spruce up your front gate and add interest with dramatic potted plants. A cosy bench seat or a small table and chair set can also add a welcoming touch to your front entrance.

Planning on a spring sale? It’s time to prepare your property to achieve the best possible return on your investment. Contact Vision Property & Finance to discover how we can help you achieve a quick sale and maximise your sale price. Give us a call on 02 8354 3000 to reach Sydney’s office or 02 4014 1999 to talk to someone in Newcastle’s office. You can also contact us here.

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