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Vision PF Staff Photos

Melenaite Langi  

HR Co-ordinator 

Melenaite said Mel-e-nigh-dare 

Joined in Nov 2021 as an administrator intern, having no financial background, has now climbed the ranks of being the HR coordinator and the Receptionist. She is excited to learn more as an University graduate and build a strong foundation of knowledge within Vision. She has a passion for trying new things and always ready to take on a challenge. 

Work Life Balance

When Mel isn't busy working you can find her playing a video game or trying a new puzzle. If she's not home you can find her out with friends being a social butterfly.   

"I grew up in a big Tongan family and always had to be with people. Now that I'm older I find that every week I make sure to spend time with one of my friends"

In her downtime, Mel loves to travel to new places and build on her hobbies of photography, art and being a foodie. You can always find her with a new hobby or obsession each month. 


“Vision has helped us through several settlements, both investments and home purchases over the past ten years and we have always been very happy with their personalised service and in fact we’re always recommending them to family and friends. Here’s to our next purchase!”

Mike & Danielle

"I feel so satisfied with my purchase and I really believe this will be a good earner. In the meantime, it’s also a place I can enjoy and call home for a bit… until the next one! Thanks again "


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