Helping You Navigate the Mortgage Cliff

Are you rolling off fixed rates soon? Are you rolling off interest only soon? Are you feeling the pinch of rising rates? Or, are you just ready to take control of your mortgage and save big on your repayments?

We recently hosting a Special, Lunchtime Masterclass on Helping You Navigate the Mortgage Cliff. This special event was designed for homeowners and property investors. We understand that rolling off fixed rates or interest-only periods can be daunting, and the more loans you have, the more you will be impacted. That's why we want to help you manage your cashflow effectively and to guide you through it all.

Attendees gained a wealth of insights to help them maximise their savings, including:

  • A clear understanding of the Fixed-Rate and Interest Only Cliff, and how it can impact repayments.
  • Insight to strategies that mortgage brokers look at to help homeowners navigate their mortgage journey effectively.
  • The opportunity to seek answers from industry leaders and mortgage professionals.
  • Personalised evaluation of our clients' needs, and guidance on making the right decisions for their individual goals.

At Vision Property & Finance, we are passionate about empowering homeowners and investors like you with the knowledge and tools to make financially savvy decisions. That's why we have made this recording accessible for everyone!

Watch our Masterclass: Helping You Navigate the Mortgage Cliff

To access this webinar, please email for an access password.

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