Mother of Six Wins Vision’s Mother’s Day Competition

Vision Property & Finance Newcastle recently ran a special competition to celebrate Mother’s Day 2018. Participants commented on our Facebook page answering the question: Who is your favourite TV mother and why?

We received a massive amount of interest from people curious about the competition. Vision is so grateful for the large number of comments. The comments were interesting, thoughtful, touching, and often humorous. They were a fitting tribute to mothers everywhere.

So, who is the winner of our Mother's Day Competition?

Vision Property & Finance are ecstatic to announce Leann Donnelly as the winner of this year’s Mother’s Day competition. As a mother of six children and grandmother to three, Leann is kept busy all of the time and was overjoyed at learning about her win.

“Originally I thought it was one of those Facebook survey scams that come up from time-to-time, so I was amazed when I received the news I had won.”

The winning prize was a $500 gift voucher from Westfield.

“Being a mother to six children and grandmother to three little ones I don’t get to go shopping very often, so I will enjoy being able to get out and do some retail therapy.”

Leann commented that Julia Roberts plays a good on-screen mother. There are several of Julia Robert’s films to choose from, including 2017’s Wonder, a film about an autistic boy who takes a big step into the unknown when he starts school. Roberts plays the boy’s mother and delivers a very touching performance which has earned her numerous accolades.

“Julia plays a character I think every mother aspires to be like,” said Leann.

With a large brood ranging in ages from 29 to 6, Leann’s Mother’s Day was a big event.

“It became a Mother’s Day weekend really and I feel really spoilt thanks to my beautiful children.”

You can see the range of comments on Vision Property & Finance’s Newcastle Facebook page here.