Make Your Home Low-Allergenic with these Simple Steps

Now’s the time to ensure your home or rental property is ready for the upcoming allergy season by following these simple steps to create a low-allergenic home.

While our homes should be our safe spaces, they also tend to be a hive of allergens. Dust mites, mould, pet hair and pollen can accumulate in every room, causing havoc with the lives of those with allergies.

Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, skin irritation, tight chest and coughing are just some of the more common symptoms of household allergies. For those who live with allergies day in, day out, life consists of daily medication to try to minimise the misery.

However, there are ways you can make your house or rental property low-allergenic, throwing a lifeline to allergy sufferers bracing themselves for the upcoming allergy season. Best of all, these steps are simple, effective and may even improve the value of your property.

How to Make Your Home Low-Allergenic


Ensure your mattress and pillows have allergy covers fitted to reduce the impact of dust mite allergies. If it’s time for a mattress upgrade, look for an allergy friendly version. Regularly wash sheets and blankets in hot water (>60C) and remove any sheepskin or woollen underlays.

Replacing carpets with hardwood or vinyl floor coverings is another effective way to reduce allergens and deliver an instant makeover. Choose easy to clean window treatments for your windows and keep them free of mould and condensation. Ensure your bedroom is dry, well-ventilated and clutter-free to reduce dust and mould build up.

Living Areas

Reduce the impact of allergies by choosing hardwearing wood, tile or laminate floor coverings instead of carpet. Avoid upholstered furniture, instead select durable leather or vinyl lounge suites for style and function. Install easy to clean window treatments, such as curtains, roller blinds or wide shutters to keep dust and mould at bay.

Consider replacing your old wood-burning fireplace with a more allergy friendly gas alternative, for added energy efficiency and convenience. Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to keep your home as free of allergens as possible. Place a doormat on either side of the front door to reduce the chance of allergens coming into the home on shoes.


Install a vented exhaust fan to draw steam, odours and particles outside the home, minimising the impact of allergens. Stay on top of the dishes (maybe it’s finally time for that dishwasher!) and keep benchtops, sinks and taps clean. Regularly wipe excessive moisture from your fridge and clean or replace mouldy rubber door seals.

Undertake a regular declutter of your kitchen to reduce dust and mould build up. Wipe down your cabinets and don’t forget to clean on top of your fridge and upper cabinets to remove excess dust and grime. Place a doormat on either side of the back door to reduce the chance of allergens being brought into the home on shoes.


Good ventilation is the key to minimising allergens in the bathroom. Exhaust fans are a must, drawing steam and moisture away from walls and ceilings, reducing the chance of mould. Remove any wallpaper and replace with mould-resistant paint or tile to further protect the walls from moisture build up.

Keep on top of cleaning your bath, shower, toilet and sink to prevent mould and pay close attention to shower screens or shower curtains (replace the latter every few months). Make sure towels are well aired by installing additional towels racks or hooks and if there is a window, open it in the day to increase ventilation.


Ensure your gardens are free of allergy triggering trees and plants, such as jasmine, cypress, she oak, elm and birch. Consider replacing lawn with low-allergenic groundcovers to reduce allergies and decrease ongoing lawn maintenance. Keep entertaining areas free of clutter and regularly air out garden sheds and outbuildings.

If you have pets, keep them outside or designate a set area for them within the home to minimise the risk of allergens. Regularly wash pets and pet bedding and pay close attention to pet hair that is brought inside the house to keep your home as low-allergenic as possible.

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