Vision Newcastle’s Leigh Johnston talks Financial Planning

2017 has been an enormous year for Vision Property & Finance’s Newcastle office. The last quarter of the year has seen an increase in enquiries, meaning Vision is now helping more people than ever. This has culminated in November witnessing a record month. October and November together has contributed a whopping 35% of the year-to-date results for the Mortgage Broking team. While Vision’s Newcastle is helping more property buyers than ever, their expert Financial Planning team are readying themselves for a huge 2018, expanding their team of Financial Planners by adding a third team member.

Vision Newcastle’s Expanding Team

Someone who is smiling more than most in the happy Newcastle office is Leigh Johnston. Leigh has been with Vision for over two years and, along with Ashleigh Dodt, has been an important part of the team responsible for helping Vision’s Financial Planners deliver the best client experience possible. In February 2018 Leigh will be stepping-up to become Vision’s third Financial Planner. After a grueling period of study to become re-certified to deliver Financial Planning advice, Leigh is looking forward to the challenge and excitement that 2018 holds.

Leigh has been a familiar face in Vision’s Newcastle office for a long time. Her role in Financial Planning support has meant Leigh is familiar with all of the processes that a busy Financial Planning office needs to complete in order to deliver outstanding advice.

From Financial Planning Support to Financial Advice

“My time with Vision to date has really prepared me well for stepping-up into a Financial Planning role. Supporting our Financial Planners has encompassed everything really; calling clients, making appointments, preparing client files, doing a lot of research, and assisting with preparing statements of advice. In Financial Planning support, you are pretty much-doing everything except meeting with the client.”

Leigh’s and Ashleigh’s work in support has provided the backbone to the outstanding Financial Advice Vision Property & Finance have become recognised for.

“We do a lot of work in the background researching many different scenarios, applying different assumptions and strategies, to help Vision’s Newcastle office Financial Planners, Hamish Ferguson, and Matthew Skehan give the best advice to our clients.”

Leigh Brings Vast Experience to the Team

Leigh has a wealth of experience in the Financial Services Industry, starting her career in 1996 with Colonial State Bank, who had taken over the Colonial group, a financial planning, and insurance business. From the very beginning of her career, Leigh has always seen the opportunity that Financial Planning provides and her aim has been to help clients reach their financial goals by giving them the best quality advice.

“I very quickly identified that Financial Planning was going to be a fantastic opportunity. I had started my Diploma in Financial Planning way back then and I have pretty much been involved in a wide range of roles in financial service since the beginning of my career in 1996.”

Leigh took time away from the industry to start her family, and as busy Mum, with her kids growing up Leigh has been balancing her work and study with running a household. Initially, when Leigh moved back to Newcastle, she worked in Mortgage Broking before taking up a role with Vision’s Financial Planning support team.

“I have been somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades, taking on whatever needs to be done. I have always enjoyed working with clients, however, and my ultimate goal has been to work more closely with clients to find out how we can help them better.”

Leigh’s Passion for Seeing Clients Succeed

“I enjoyed my time helping clients with their mortgages in my role as a Mortgage Broker, however, I have always wanted to help clients beyond the narrow confines of mortgage broking; helping clients with their whole financial life and putting them on a path to achieving financial well-being. Mortgage Brokers have quite a limited scope, whereas Financial Planners can look into everything and advise clients on the right strategies to use in every area of their financial life; from superannuation, tax planning, credit, and debt reduction, to long-term investment strategies.”

Leigh is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to seeing clients achieve success with their financial goals. This is exactly the kind of quality clients need to have from their Financial advice team. Leigh’s reward is seeing the clients she deals with reach financial freedom, being able to live their lives free from the worry that dominates many people’s relationship with money.

If you need advice and help to achieve your Financial goals give Vision Property & Finance a call on 1800 004 663 or contact us for an obligation-free chat about how we can help you take your next steps to Financial Freedom.