Introducing Michael McShane

Vision Sydney would like to introduce… Michael McShane


Like Bea, Michael joined the Vision team late last year as a Client Manager and is also currently studying to become a Mortgage Broker.

Michael brings a unique set of skills as he successfully combined his recent completion of a double degree in Applied Finance and Economics with a full time role with Telstra, where he rose to the position of Store Manager in one of Sydney’s most demanding stores.

Michael’s past successes have been attributed to his innate analytical and communication skills, attention to detail and service and especially his proven strong work ethic; all of which he has already demonstrated within our team. In particular Michael has demonstrated his intense understanding of economics and numbers, being able to formulate a detailed analysis of a scenario after just a small amount of time and research with the information in question. A great asset to have as a Mortgage Broker going forward.

Outside of work, Michael’s passions extend beyond economics and finance; he has a real appreciation for politics, good governance and especially for history. Michael’s interest in history took him exploring many of the smaller cities of Europe for six months after completing his degrees, enjoying the history lessons as well as the diverse range of views and opinions that he came across in his travels.

Michael’s role with Vision aims to combine his skill with economics, client service and analysis as well as his friendliness, to help our clients in the process of accumulating property. Feel free to give Michael a call on 02 8354 3000 or drop him an email at

Welcome, Michael!