Great First Impressions, the Best Client Experience – Vision’s Jayne Salvo

Jayne Salvo

In life it is said that first impressions count. This is never more truthful than in a busy financial services business, such as Vision Property & Finance. Fortunately, when it comes to making a great first impression, Jayne Salvo is among the best.

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Vision Property & Finance at their Newcastle office, or phoning-in to speak to one of our Mortgage Brokers or Financial Advisers, Jayne is likely the first person you had contact with. Jayne is warm, friendly, and bubbling with enthusiasm to help Vision’s clients. This enthusiasm comes from Jayne’s passion for two areas Vision specialise in.

“I have always been interested in investing, so working for Vision has been great as it has allowed me to see how investing for your future works. I also have a passion for real estate and learning how real estate investing works.”

Multi-talented and versatile

While people may recognise Jayne for her work in Vision’s reception, her strength comes from her great versatility in being able to help across a number of different areas. Jayne has experience in loan document preparation and has also completed her Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking.

“After I finished high school I worked in the Loan Document Preparation Team where I became familiar with how the behind-the-scenes process of loan approval and settlement work. The experience there has been invaluable. This led to me doing the Mortgage Broking certification course to prepare me for working in the industry.”

“Since starting with Vision in 2018 I have learnt an immense amount of knowledge on the Mortgage Broking part of the business; in particular with loan applications and what it takes to get the loan to the settlement stage. It is a huge part of the process of successfully delivering our service to clients.”

Working with a great team

Behind every great customer service experience is a great team, and Jayne says her colleagues have been a fantastic help as she has aquainted herself with Vision Property & Finance and their goal of delivering the best client experience.

“The team at Vision have been so friendly and helpful. Ewan, Wayne, Jacqui, Leigh, Sam and Carly have all helped show me the ropes. Hamish has also been there every step of the way when I have been unsure of anything and has helped me learn how to become a true professional by mastering time management and getting the most out of my day.”

Enjoys dealing with people and helping clients

Jayne is a natural when it comes to dealing with people. She loves dealing with people and is eager to help. This is quickly evident when you meet Jayne at reception or call-in to Vision’s Newcastle office. However, like anything, this has also been a learning process for Jayne.

“At first I was really daunted by answering phones because I had never done this before. I had some experience in administration but didn’t regularly need to speak with clients over the phone. However, I love talking to people, so now I have more confidence it comes naturally.”

Looking to the future

Jayne really enjoys her role at Vision and sees a bright future ahead of her. With a personal passion for property and investing Jayne is learning everything she can about the industry. Jayne hopes to become a pro-investor herself in the future, and sees herself continuing to lend her support to the Vision team in delivering the best service to clients.