Increasing Home Value with Gardening

Importance of Gardening for Increasing Home Value

A well-maintained garden is increasingly being seen as an important factor in increasing a home’s value. A properly maintained garden can add as much as 16% to a property’s value with properly managed lawns and flower-beds improving the overall aesthetic of the property. Gardens can also act as a range of social spaces for both gatherings in the day or at night, and can also provide privacy and security with hedges and tall trees. The HomeBuilder grant scheme is giving homeowners looking to landscape up to $25,000. Now has never been a better time to upgrade your garden. Vision has provided some tips on increasing your home value through gardening.

Maintaining your Lawn and Increasing Home Value

53% of people see the lawn as the most important feature of any garden. Therefore, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your spring garden increases home value.


Aerating your lawn through using a garden fork or a lawn aerator is a way to get your lawn growing back thicker and greener over spring. This is because it allows for more water and nutrients to reach the roots of the lawn by breaking up compacted soil.


Before the heat of summer hits, early spring is a great time to reseed bare patches of your lawn. This is because the soil is the right temperature to foster growth and it gives time for your grass to be strongly established for summer. Ensure that before you reseed, you have the right seed for your lawn, the patch is well raked, and that sticks and stones above and below ground in the reseeding area are removed.

Planting and Increasing Home Value

Before Planting

Before planting, ensure that all debris is clear of your garden beds. This could include leaf litter, branches, and dead plants. Ensure that your soil is decompacted, watered, and has compost and manure mixed in for plant nutrients. Weeds should also be removed, with a weed killer assisting this process. Some weeds, however, can grow from an underground bulb, which will therefore require removal with a trowel.

What to Plant

Bunnings has provided an extensive list of appropriate flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs for various climates in Australia during spring. Check it out here.

Maintaining your Plants

Plant maintenance is key to ensuring that they remain colourful and flowering over the course of spring, and into the hotter and dryer months of summer. Pest management is an important process in this, with aphids and psyllids having the potential to wreak havoc on garden beds as the weather warms up. A gentle insecticide will help mitigate this.

Fertiliser should be spread out over new plants, and then mulching should take place. This will suppress weed growth, and protect the soil from drying out from harsh sunlight. Plants should also be watered consistently, with a schedule or a reminder system being useful for this.

How Vision Can Help

Looking to take advantage of the HomeBuilder scheme to get some landscaping underway and get your garden started? The team at Vision are happy to help arrange finances for you to get your value-adding landscaping underway. Contact us here, or check out more information on how to add value to your home here.