How Professionals Can Secure the Perfect Mortgage

Did you know that, as a professional, it’s possible to find a better mortgage for you based on your portfolio? Many professionals are not aware of this fact and they unknowingly accept higher interest rates and less than optimal terms. The key in this situation is to find a mortgage company that can help you to find the loan that best fits your current situation.

As premier mortgage advisors, we can help you through this process by putting you in touch with lenders that will offer you a mortgage that better meet your needs. We have made arrangements with some of our lenders to waive lenders mortgage insurance fees and offer interest rate discounts to professionals in their field.

That way, the lender gets a reputable, low-risk borrower, while the borrower is able to save money. With the government cracking down on high-risk mortgages, professionals are in higher demand than ever for lenders.

This policy comes in very handy for those who are interested in property investment because it allows them to purchase a second property without having to worry about sky-high interest rates cutting into their profits.

Why Lenders Do This

One of the main goals of a lender is to offer loans that attract the best customers. Of course, the lender only makes this money if the borrower is able to repay the loan. In order to repay the loan, the borrower must have a steady income.

Some lenders cut their interest rates or change some of their loan policies or reduce their fees when they want to attract more business. Much like any business, lenders go through slow periods where they don’t make as much money as they want to. During these times, pretty much anyone can secure a lower interest rate by working directly with the lender.

When lenders get busy, on the other hand, getting a discount or better loan terms is nearly impossible. They have no reason to offer you a lower interest rate or to cut your fees because they have volumes and profits rolling in. We can help those professionals during these busy times by directing them to lenders who value their business.

Lenders want to attract professionals who are involved in careers that will always be in demand. This is because these individuals are more likely to have steady employment now, and in the future. Even if these people lose their jobs at one location, their training and experience should be good enough to help them find employment elsewhere.

Which Professions Are Eligible?

Of course, not all professions are eligible for these felicitous interest rates and terms. As a general rule, you must be involved in a career that has a high level of income and solid job security.

We can help professionals in the following fields attain the best suited interest rate available on their next mortgages:

  • Accountants (CA or CPA preferred), actuaries, finance managers and auditors
  • Legal professionals including solicitors, barristers and lawyers
  • Doctors, dentists, vets, optometrists and pharmacists
  • Mining engineers, including surveyors, quantity surveyors, geologists and geophysicists

Other high income professionals are also eligible for interest rate discounts. Contact us for more information or to see if your career holds this distinction.

How We Can Help

We have years of experience in this field and have developed good relationships with some of the country’s most reputable lenders. Because of this, we know exactly how to find you the ideal loan product to match your current lifestyle.

Our dedicated team is also able to offer you investment property advice, should you be in the market for a second home, and can ensure that you find the lowest possible rate on that home as well.

Being a professional in your field should give you advantages over others. You have put in long hours at university and have worked hard to get where you are in your career. Your job isn’t going anywhere, so you should be classified as a low-risk borrower. We are here to ensure that you receive that classification and, as a result, are able to secure the best mortgage terms possible.