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It’s simple! Just switch to a smarter home loan.

The vast majority of home and investment loans have discounts applied to them from a base interest rate called the standard variable rate. These discounts are generally applied evenly across the home and investment loan.  

The Vision Loan Reducer works differently. It calculates the overall available discount and applies all of it to the home loan.

The result is that you are able to achieve a much lower home loan rate whilst remaining eligible for tax deductions on your investment loan.

Having a lower home loan rate means less interest and less interest means you're paying more off your loan faster when you maintain your current repayments.

If you also add in your new tax refund from your investment loan will shave years off your mortgage. It’s all possible from simply using a smarter home loan.   

YES! The ATO office granted a product ruling to Loan Reducer “PR 2015/2” and is under license to Vision. 

You can enter into this product knowing you're protected under Part IVA of the ITAA act 1936 and it will be treated as was intended.

Click here for the ATO product ruling or consult your Tax Agents for further advice.