A good family under pressure get financial relief and long term support

A client case study – the important message:

If you feel you are building towards significant financial pressure, the earlier you speak with us the better because there are solutions out there.


We commenced discussions with a great couple prior to Christmas.  They have been financially diligent their entire lives and set up a successful building business which has done well over a long period, but unfortunately they were under pressure on multiple fronts –

  • They own a home and had paid their loan down to $325k and had 60%+ equity in their home
  • Their two children have ongoing medical issues taking an increasing emotional / financial toll
  • Interest rates have risen, plus medical bills led to taking out more credit cards
  • The construction business had a large customer who did not pay a very large bill
  • Our clients tried chasing the $$ but the cost of a big legal fight was not an option

The Cycle

This great family had a financial scenario which was spiralling down quickly as they were –

  • Getting behind in loans
  • Taking on more credit cards, and going over limits more often
  • Falling behind in tax payments
  • Facing rising interest bills
  • Finding it harder to looking after their family

The Solution

Gretchen searched for a lender who would accommodate them and listen to their scenario.  In the current lending market, the Big 4 and 2nd tier lenders were not in the mix, so we had to think outside the square.  It was easy for us to demonstrate this was a series of unfortunate circumstances which the couple was serious about fixing so in these scenarios, open and honest discussions with lenders is a big part in finding a solution to help customers.

New Structure

This is how our client’s structure will work over the next few years so they can breathe again as a family and start to get back ahead –

  • All loans were combined into one big loan
  • Their new rate is slightly higher than the market BUT their monthly commitment is much lower
  • They will sit at Interest Only for 2 years, simply to get back on their feet
  • During that time, in conjunction with their recently appointed financial planner, we will catch up regularly to help ensure they are on track in managing their new commitment
  • After a few years, we will revert to P&I, and may even split out some of the lending and amend it to a shorter loan term

Vision Reminder

Vision has provided a solution which is just the first step in a long term strategy. Our job has only just begun.  Our service is about empathy, knowledge, professionalism, and working with families for the long term.

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