How to Get Started in Property Investment

With Australia’s long love affair with property investment continuing, and historically low interest rates a feature of the investment landscape, real estate investing looks set to continue to dominate the nations investing preferences. Are you planning to get started in property investment? Here are some pointers from Vision to make the process as easy as possible:

1. Do your research

Getting started in property investment is inspiring and exciting sometimes, while caught-up in the joy of finally living your dreams, it is common to overlook the need to do adequate research about your first property acquisition.

Ask yourself questions:
– Is it ideal for the people who you want to recruit to rent the property?
– Does the location suit a buyer?
– Is there access to public transport, shopping and recreational facilities?
– What can the property be used for? Are there any plans for council to re-zone the area?

Knowing these things can help you make the best investment decisions you can.

2. Ensure you have the Right Loan and Ownership Structure

There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right structure for your property. Getting the best advice you can about the right kind of loan facility, legal ownership structure, and tax and financial planning can make a real difference to your future property investment success. In many cases, these questions can have very complex answers and it is always best to get help from experts to make sure you’re building your real estate empire on solid foundations.

3. Don’t start in Property Investment Alone

Starting your property investment journey alone, without any help from professionals who can give you time-saving, as well as money-saving, advice is a sure way to land yourself in trouble – if not immediately then certainly in the future. Mortgage brokers, pest and building inspectors, solicitors and conveyancers, and property managers can all help you achieve the best possible results for your real estate investment. They can also help you avoid some of the pain you could experience when things go wrong or you don’t know how to deal with something.

4. Don’t Pay too Much

Investors who have had success with property for a long time will tell you that, when it comes to property investing, the money is made in the buying rather than the selling. It is very important you don’t pay too much for your property. The price you pay affects how much you can afford to rent the property for, its competitiveness in the local rental market, and your rate of return throughout the property’s life. This also impacts your cash-flow and can lead to under-achieving your property investment goals. However, if you buy it right, you will be off to a good start in achieving real estate investment success.

5. Ensure to Factor-in Property Expenses

Many first-time property investors don’t adequately identify and plan for the ongoing expenses of property ownership. Rates, a larger portion of the water bill, maintenance and repairs, insurance and tax compliance costs are just some of the costs to consider. Acquisition, management and re-marketing costs also need to be considered.

Experienced property investors often recommend to keep around 1% of the home’s value aside for ongoing costs of ownership. Another way this can be approached is to arrange with your property manager to schedule repairs and maintenance, and then set aside funds from the rental income you receive to cover these expenses. Whichever way you approach it, being prepared in advance will ensure you achieve the best results possible.

6. Buy with the Head, not the Heart

First-time investors often choose to buy property in areas they would like to live in, and houses they would like to live in. However, as a property investor you really need to think about whether the style of house and property location are going to give you the best return. Choosing a location that is desirable for the rental market, and in the future a possible buyer, should dominate your decision-making.

7. Get Started in Property Investing!

First-time property investing is a big step into the unknown. One mistake common to investors starting out is to do nothing and take too long to decide on fundamental aspects of making your plans come to life. The property market waits for no one, and some of the best deals with the best returns, can be lost. Your first experience can be nerve-wracking, but that is what we are here for.

The Vision Property & Finance team of experts can give you a wealth of advice to help you better understand what you’re facing in the months and years ahead, and can get you started in property investment. Call on 1800 004 663 or contact us today to start your property investment journey.