Vision Newsletter – February 2015

RBA Reduced Cash Rate to 2.25%

The year 2015 is in full swing and most new year’s resolutions have been long forgotten.  Those of you are still pursuing your resolutions – we salute you!

Here at Vision Property and Finance we have started to roll out our new year’s resolutions and are continuing moving forward to reach our goals set out for the coming year.  The first thing you will see is that our logo has a new tag-line.  You can now clearly see that our business is Property and Finance…with Vision. We are also looking forward to share our new slogan with you when we have chosen a winner.

Good news!  We have started a blog where you will find information about all things related to Vision, property, investments and finance considerations.   You will find out why you should know your interest rate to if a lower rate equals refinancing, and benefit from tips and tricks on how to survive in the property  and finance market.

Currently the record low interest rate is on everyone’s lips and the lure to buy a house or refinance a current mortgage might be too good to resist.  Speak to your finance advisor before you make one of the largest decisions this year.