Economic Update with Tim Casey

Special Guest

Tim Casey

Insignia Financial and IOOF Investments

Tim Casey is an Investment Specialist with 25 years of experience in the financial services sector. Tim's extensive knowledge helps make the often-complicated world of economics and investment markets relatable to clients to allow them to better engage in their financial journey. IOOF has been recognised as an award winner at the Best of the Best Awards 2022, a finalist in Best Corporate Solution Product at the Super Review 2021 Super Fund of the Year Awards, and was Fund Manager of the Year Winner 2020.

Tim Casey

During this webinar, Hamish and Tim discussed the following:

  • The rise of inflation and its effects on labour and wages, energy and food, supply chains, gas prices, and more.
  • The impact on rising interest rates and the central bank's outlook on price pressures.
  • The likelihood of a recession and what this means for the average person.
  • What this next cycle will look like for the average person.

Please email for an access password.

This webinar follows on from the previous webinar conducted in October 2022. If you would like to view this webinar, click the button below.

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