Welcome to the team: Customer Liaison Officer

As we enter our 18th year of Vision this January, we have a large loyal database of clients which we fully appreciate and look forward to helping for many many years to come. Each year we’re well-meaning to call all our clients personally to touch base and ask if there is anything else we can assist our clients with, however with our small team, it seems we hardly get to scratch the surface…cue our new team member Peter Marples, our newest Customer Liaison Officer.

Peter Marples joined us as our Customer Liaison Manager late last year, after enjoying the last 5 years at Suncorp, working in Customer Services. Peter’s role is to solely call all of you personally to touch base and see if there is anything we can assist you with this year.

What is your professional background Peter?

“I’ve spent most of my time at Suncorp assisting customers in their hour of need, being the main point of contact for clients, and resolving their needs effectively and promptly as possible; something 15 years managing several Building Society and Finance Company branch offices, in and around Brisbane, has given me lots of experience doing.”

“I was also a Client Manager for a QLD Builder for over 5 years, where my main role was to assist clients as they navigated the property construction process when choosing and building their new homes”.

With Peter’s extensive background in finance, knowledge of property, building and the construction industry, combined with his 110% passion for customer service, Peter is a perfect fit for our Vision team. He’s definitely brought his passion to deliver exceptional customer service to all our Vision clients.

Peter has already started having some great conversations with our existing and past clients. Focusing on their current lending to see if we can review their situation to assist with loan repricing; ensuring they are getting the very best interest rate from their lender(s); to talking about their immediate and upcoming financial needs, whether that be refinancing options, or perhaps purchasing their first investment property or their 2nd or 3rd.

Many of the clients Peter has spoken to have had significant increases in their property values, and their options to enter the investment property market have never been more exciting than now.

What drew you to and what do you like about this role?

“In just three months I’ve been able to have some great conversations with many Vision clients and the consistent messages I am hearing that rings like a bell, is how well they remember their experience with Vision, in the most glowing terms. Many of these clients have been with Vision for 5, 10, 15 and more years and I have yet to hear a negative comment.”

“In some ways, I feel like I’m working for the “Bruce Springsteens” of Finance – everyone who mentions David or Matt, have nothing but praise and admiration for them. For me, this is testament that I made the right choice in joining the Vision team”

Peter Marples: Customer Liaison Officer

And we’re so glad that Peter has joined us too. So far, many of our clients are able to save hundreds of $$ by simply having their home loan pricing reviewed – a great outcome for everyone involved. Peter Marples is here to help you!

Feel free to give Peter a call on 02 8354 3000 if you’d like to see how Peter can assist you, or drop him an email at peter.marples@visionpf.com.au

Please join us in welcoming Peter to the team!