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Are you looking to sell or purchase property? Learn about the process and legalities involved in the sale and purchase of property. Find out how you can make the best decision for your real estate needs.

Vision’s Economic Update

December 12, 2022
Vision's Economic Update

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Managing Rising Property Taxes in 2022: 5 Simple Tips

December 15, 2021
Managing Rising Property Taxes in 2022: 5 Tips blog banner

As shown in the graph below, the average Australian mortgage has increased by 16.4%. Whilst the large growth in house prices over the last 18 months has been a large contributor to…

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House Prices and Government: What Are They Doing to Help?

September 20, 2021
house prices and government blog banner

With elections around the corner, an upcoming political hot-topic we’ll be seeing in the news more is what is occurring with Australia’s house prices. According to Corelogic data, Australian house…

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International Property Investment: Changes to Our Market

July 13, 2021

The overall stability of Australia’s post-pandemic recovery has attracted the eye of many international investors, with our property market boom continually proving itself to be a safe global investment opportunity.…

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Infrastructure and Growing Property Prices: NSW Projects to Look Out For

October 15, 2020

There is a significant correlation between infrastructure development and growing property prices. This is due to the multiple benefits that arise out of infrastructure development. An improvement to an area’s…

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Increasing Home Value with Gardening

October 8, 2020

Importance of Gardening for Increasing Home Value A well-maintained garden is increasingly being seen as an important factor in increasing a home’s value. A properly maintained garden can add as…

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7 Tips to Prepare your Property for a Summer Sale

November 14, 2019

  Spring is considered by most to be the best time of the year for selling property. While we’re getting to the end of spring right now, that doesn’t mean…

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Is Downsizing the Right Move for Your Family?

October 14, 2019
downsizing for your family

For years, home ownership has been the goal for many Australians, representing the single biggest financial investment most of us will make. Pursuing the great Australian dream has been a…

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Preparing Your Property for a Spring Sale

August 26, 2019
preparing your property for a spring sale

If you’re contemplating a spring sale, it’s time to get your property ready to go on the market. Traditionally the best time of year to sell, the longer days and…

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Hot tips for selling your home in winter

April 3, 2019
selling your home in winter

Tempt buyers to come in out of the cold and keep your sale price hot with a little bit of winter selling know-how from Vision Property & Finance.

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