Carly Staunton talks coming home and her passion…Vision’s Financial Planning Clients

There is no better feeling than arriving home after a long break away. Returning to familiar sights, sounds and favourite haunts with friends can really help to appreciate one’s surroundings. Home is where the heart is, so it is said, and Carly Staunton from Vision Property & Finance can testify to the satisfaction of being home among friends and family after a year-long holiday in Canada.

Living on the other side of the world

“Traveling can certainly expand your horizons and world-view. I really enjoyed my time in Canada; it opened my mind to how other people and other cultures live. You can see these places from afar on television but until you visit them you can’t really appreciate the differences.”

Apart from the extreme cold through the northern-hemisphere’s winter months, which is a complete contrast to the intolerable heat experienced in Australia over the same period, Carly says Canadians have a very similar outlook on life to Aussies. They are hard-working and friendly people, with a keen sense of the outdoors and a zest for living.

It wasn’t all play, however, with Carly deciding on a working holiday. This resulted in her becoming a member of a community and really getting to know people and make some lifelong friendships.

“I had to make it a working holiday so I could fit in everything I wanted to see while also making it a little more affordable. It was definitely worthwhile. Although I am settling back into being at home, I will always look back on my time in Canada with fondness. It was an amazing experience seeing how people live and work in another country.”

Back home with Vision’s Financial Planning Team

Carly has stepped back into a role in Vision assisting Newcastle director, Hamish Ferguson, and offering support to the Financial Planning team. It is a challenging leap forward for Carly, who has previously assisted with first-contact and administration.

Being back at Vision is like being at home for Carly. Everyone is familiar to her and she will be working closely with Ashleigh Dodt and Vision’s new addition to the Financial Planning team, Leigh Johnston. Carly’s ambition is to become a Financial Planner, and working with Leigh and the team is the perfect springboard to a career in advising.

“Ashleigh and Leigh have been fantastic, showing me the ropes and helping me become familiar with the process. Vision has been great throughout. They have been happy to nurture me as I continue to grow my career and become a Financial Planner.”

Carly’s Vision for Clients

Carly is passionate about seeing clients’ lives changed for the better; seeing them conquer debt and set themselves up for a comfortable retirement and financial freedom.

“I just love to see people’s lives changed through the advice Vision gives them. I am looking forward to making a difference and seeing clients financially empowered. And, Vision has been so helpful in making that goal a reality for me.”

Carly has no complaints about being back in Australia, sweltering in the heat with the rest of us. Her travel has opened her up to new possibilities and helped her to recognise her passion for helping people achieve their big life goals. She is excited for the adventures ahead with Vision for 2018 and beyond.

Passionate finance experts are a key to Vision’s success in seeing clients achieve their financial goals. Have you been considering getting good advice about your financial future?

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