Buy a Home Before Christmas: Here’s Why

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It’s the time of year when summer is starting to set in, holiday plans are in motion, and the faint ringing of sleigh bells can be heard in the distance. Christmas is roughly a month and a half away, and it’s already having an effect on property markets, with clearance rates increasing across Australia. With the RBA putting the interest rate at its lowest point in Australian history at 0.1%, now is the time to buy. Here are 4 reasons why you want to buy a home before Christmas:

Why to Buy a Home Before Christmas – Reason 1

Less Competition

Over the November/December period, there is less competition in the buying market. This is due to other buyers likely sticking with their living situation as a result of planned holidays and the busyness of the new year period. With less competition, there is a better chance that you will be able to find a good deal on a house and secure your mortgage application. Buying a home over this period will also mean that you aren’t competing with other buyers who are looking to move into a new place after the holiday period, with January and February being busy months.

Why to Buy a Home Before Christmas – Reason 2

Better Access to Mortgage, Financial and Real Estate Services

With Christmas acting as a deadline for many Agencies, Banks and Brokerages, they are often quick to respond, close their deals and finish processes. This may mean quicker service, and even a better deal on certain houses, with agents looking to sell before the break. Many mortgage brokers have holiday periods in which they close over Christmas, delaying settlements and increasing stress and work over the holiday period. Vision Property and Finance does not do this, instead staying open for clients over the holiday break apart from public holidays.

Why to Buy a Home Before Christmas – Reason 3

Better Deals

Many landlords selling over this period are looking to move before the holiday break. Houses listed in September/October that have not sold may have sellers panicking, with them reducing their selling expectations and more willing to negotiate on price. This is a similar case for real estate agents, who may have to work more on price to secure a purchase. Less competition will also reduce bidding for popular properties, and keep them within a reasonable price range.

Why to Buy a Home Before Christmas – Reason 4

Less Stress and a Reason to Celebrate

Picture yourself sitting on the couch in your new home on Christmas day. It’s an incredible achievement, and is a great way to start off your new year. It will give you more time to enjoy the holiday period with your family and friends, and allow you to truly unwind. You are also doing yourself a favour for next year by not having to get back into the property market.

If you want less competition, less stress, better deals and access to real estate, mortgage and financial services and a reason to celebrate you need to organise a mortgage now. Vision Property and Finance have mortgage specialists that are on call and able to help you over the holiday period. Get started, and book in for a free consultation with our team here, or give us a call at 02 4014 1999.