Sydney Growth Areas – Where to Invest

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Sydney is in the middle of a huge post-pandemic property boom, with CoreLogic data outlining that dwelling values have skyrocketed up 11.2% in 2021, and 9.3% in its second quarter. With prices only expected to grow, getting into the market is better done sooner rather than later. But where should investors look? There are many…

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Should I Buy a Spec House?

More and more people are looking to enter the property market, either as a homeowner or as a property investor. Real estate agents are looking to get as many people in these homes as possible. However, the primary problem in the market is supply. There aren’t enough houses in the market to match everyone’s desire…

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House Vs Apartment – What to Invest In?

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The property market is hotter than ever, with thousands of prospective investors weighing up their asset options. Houses and apartments are two of the most popular options chosen, but determining which option better suits your investment goal can be difficult. This article: House Vs Apartment – What to Invest In? has been put together to…

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May 2021 Newsletter

We’ve picked out four stories that round out the big news in the property and finance markets: Rents growing strongly Budget promotes homeownership Property now worth $8 trillion Taxpayers warned about dubious expense claims Read more below: Conditions favour buyers as rents grow strongly Rents have surged over the past year, with houses outperforming units,…

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Granny Flats and Investment: Is It Worth It?

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With the property market getting tighter and tighter, affordable investment opportunities are getting harder to come by. A solution to this is the granny flat, an increasingly popular answer to this problem made by property owners with the aim of boosting their investment option. Does taking on this risk spell reward for those willing to…

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Getting Mortgages for Self-Employed Borrowers

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When you’re self-employed, balancing the books is tricky enough. That’s not even accounting for the difficulties self-employed business owners encounter in getting a mortgage together for a house or an investment. Our award-winning experts have put together an easy guide on how to best go about getting mortgages for self-employed borrowers. Recovering From the Pandemic…

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April 2021 – Newsletter

There’s some big property and finance news around right now: Property market running hot Banking system in good health HomeBuilder construction extension Power prices fall 8.8% How to get a great home loan in this red-hot property market With the property market running hot, mortgage lending is at historically high levels, according to the most…

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How To Afford a House in Sydney

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Sydney is a city experiencing some of the most significant property market pricing shifts in the world. Globally, It is the 3rd most expensive city behind Vancouver and Hong Kong (as of 2020), with property prices growing significantly greater post-covid in 2021. The Australian Financial Review has tipped these prices to surge by 17% this…

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What To Do After Your Loan is Settled

To say that the process for applying for a mortgage is strenuous, complicated and time-consuming is an understatement. But you’ve gathered all your information, let your broker put it through to the banks, and you’ve been approved. Sitting in your new home, you’re thinking “what’s next?” Our mortgage and financial experts have put together a…

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Microinvesting: Pros and Cons

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What is Microinvesting? Microinvesting is a simple way to make investments with small sums of money, and is a great way to get started in the world of investing. It is the digital equivalent of emptying your loose change into a piggy-bank, with the hopes it gradually accumulates. There are a variety of microinvesting platforms…

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