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Is Downsizing the Right Move for Your Family?

downsizing for your family

For years, home ownership has been the goal for many Australians, representing the single biggest financial investment most of us will make. Pursuing the great Australian dream has been a rite of passage for young families looking to establish their own home.  In recent years however, home affordability has deteriorated, making it harder for young…

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Analysing Current Conditions in the Property Market

2019 has an interesting year for the property market. The ongoing effects of the market downturn have weakened prices and dampened confidence. However, several factors, including historic low interest rates, improved sentiment and subtle signs of recovery, indicate improvement could be on the horizon. To get a clearer picture of what’s really going on, it’s…

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Winning with the Cycle – How You Can Prosper with the Changing Interest Rate and Property Cycle

Taking advantage of lower interest rates and house prices is a key way you can thrive and profit from property today. Historically low rates are a sign, says Vision Property & Finance’s Dave Lennox.  Property buyers and real estate investors should be thinking about getting into property once again. Opportunities like those available now are…

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Preparing Your Property for a Spring Sale

preparing your property for a spring sale

If you’re contemplating a spring sale, it’s time to get your property ready to go on the market. Traditionally the best time of year to sell, the longer days and warmer weather of spring attract more buyers to the market while also showing properties to best advantage. While spring is a great time to sell,…

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Reverse Mortgages and You

reverse mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a type of home loan especially designed for pensioners and retirees who tend to be rich in assets but short on income. Reverse mortgages allow seniors to convert the equity in their property into cash to fund a better retirement. If you are aged over 60 and own your home, a…

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Planning for Financial Success in a Low Interest rate Environment – How Investors Relying on Interest-Income can Thrive in the New Low-Interest Rate Reality

On Tuesday, June 4th, the Reserve Bank of Australia reduced Australia’s interest rate settings, again taking the historically low interest rates we have seen for numerous years, to the lowest-ever level. With an election-year applying the brakes to business investment, very low wages growth, and low inflation levels, the RBA is hoping a rates reduction…

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A Simple Guide to Using Equity


When it comes to investment properties, many people assume this is a financial ambition out of reach. You feel pressed with existing commitments and believe it’s a distant goal, like once the children have left the nest. You might be surprised to learn that buying a second property isn’t as impossible as it sounds.

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