With the government’s HomeBuilder grant scheme giving homeowners looking to renovate up to $25,000, many Australian’s are wanting to add value to their homes through renovating their kitchen. Through utilising this scheme, many can receive large returns on investment into their Kitchen renovations provided they are smart with how they renovate. Below, the experts at Vision have provided a few pointers on receiving the best value for money with your renovations and making your kitchen look better than ever.

“The Kitchen really is the Castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family”

Mario Batali

Set up a Budget

Before you touch anything, you want to be sure that you can plan out your expenses to ensure that renovation costs do not get blown out. Renovating your kitchen should add value, not reduce it. Therefore renovations should not be half-completed, or underspent on, as this can potentially reduce the value of a home. A general rule of thumb is to spend 5-15% of the value of a home on a kitchen renovation. A large proportion of this expenditure can be attained through the HomeBuilder scheme. For more information on how the scheme can apply to you, please contact Vision.

Add Value through Kitchen Design

Utilise the concept of the Kitchen Triangle when designing your renovation. This involves understanding how people interact in the space between the fridge, sink and the stove. The placement of these elements within the kitchen should allow for an easy flow of movement by kitchen users.

Add Value for Money through Renovating Cost-Effective Elements

Adding Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a cost-effective renovation that can give a feeling of spaciousness to your kitchen, and also increases the amount of bench and preparation space available. Kitchen islands also increase the amount of cupboard space available, which can be especially useful in crowded kitchen situations. The average cost for a kitchen island is $4,000, however for higher-end and more valuable options can be up to $10,000.

Update Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtops are an extremely visible component of your kitchen, and should directly reflect the value of the house. These benchtops are utilised for cooking, baking, cutting and meal preparation, and should use a durable material. These can include engineered stone, timber, stainless steel, or a cheaper option such as laminate. Kitchen benchtops can range from $120 to $2,990 per square metre. Information on different material costs can be found here.

Re-doing Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Switching up cupboard doors can be a cheap and easy way to give a tired looking kitchen a facelift. Instead of the expensive process of changing entire cabinetry, plumbing and electrics, switching up the hinges, shelves, handles, doors and drawer runners can save you thousands in adding value through your kitchen renovations, whilst giving you a virtually identical result. Changing your cupboard doors on average costs about $7,000.

How Vision can Help you Add Value through your Kitchen Renovations

Looking to take advantage of the HomeBuilder scheme and get the kitchen of your dreams? The team at Vision are happy to help arrange finances for you to get your value-adding renovations underway. Contact us here, or check out more information on how to add value to your home here.

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