Why Vision instead of a bank?

We are regularly asked, what is the advantage of going through Vision rather than going directly to a bank? There are 3 very good reasons for doing business with Vision Property & Finance rather than dealing directly with the bank.

1. Product Range

When you deal directly with a bank, that bank only has access to their loan products, so they are limited in the products that they can offer you.

Alternatively, when you deal with us, we have access to a large panel of lenders with a much broader product range to select from. We then conduct a thorough research of our extensive product range and compare different banks and home loan products in order to provide you with the best home loan that we have available to us from our product suite.

Can you see how our comprehensive product range combined with our research and comparison report can deliver the most suitable home loan to meet your personal needs?

2. Our Back Office Staff

When you choose Vision to process and manage your loan application, one of our experienced back office staff will be appointed to personally oversee each stage of your home loan for you. They will keep in communication with the bank’s lending team and you, so that you have your finger on the pulse at all times.

All of our back office team have come from long term banking and finance background, and the level of knowledge and experience within our team is second to none.

Your appointed team member will help make the process flow smoothly and efficiently for you; they will become a convenient point of contact for you with any assistance that you may need.

Is this the level of experience and personal service that you are looking for?

3. Banks don’t always get it right!

Let’s face it. No one is infallible. And just like any other organisation, banks don’t always get it right!

There are a variety of reasons why a mistake can take place. A misunderstanding of bank policy, human error, inexperienced bank staff, all of which can attribute to an error being made.

If this ever happens, we have access to senior management in the bank, and our team’s knowledge and expertise will allow us to put forward a case for their decision to be reviewed and reversed. So in essence we become your guardians; protecting your interests, keeping the banks in check for you, and becoming your mediators when something goes wrong at their end.

Would you like to have our team overseeing your loan application, protecting your interests, and mediating for you if an error is made?

Is that the kind of assistance that you are looking for?