7 Tips to Prepare your Property for a Summer Sale


Spring is considered by most to be the best time of the year for selling property. While we’re getting to the end of spring right now, that doesn’t mean you should shelve your plans to sell just yet. Because it is possible to achieve a good price during summer too.

Like spring, summer weather shows most properties to advantage, encouraging buyers to head out for auctions and inspections. It’s also the time of year when people have more time off work, giving them extra opportunities to check out the market.

In addition, January often sees more buyers looking to upgrade, downsize or relocate following new year deliberations. With a little planning and preparation, you can take advantage of all these benefits and sell your property this summer.

To get you started, check out these 7 tips for preparing your property for a successful summer sale.

Make Your Property Shine for a Summer Sale

Keep your house cool

Obviously the big downside of summer is the heat, which can have an impact on buyer interest and the sales price. When contemplating a summer sale, ensure your property can stay cool to show buyers they will be comfortable in your home. Service air-conditioners and ceilings fans before listing your property and install new cooling systems if the heat gets too much. The investment will be worth it.

Look after your lawn and gardens

It’s important to deliver a great first impression, something that’s difficult to do with drooping plants or a dying lawn. Keep the water up to your lawn and gardens to ensure they continue to look good (in line with any local water restrictions). Continue to weed and feed your lawn and gardens, replace tired-looking flowers and plants and add mulch to help your gardens stay hydrated for longer.

Highlight outdoor living

Summer is about BBQs, relaxation and outdoor living. Help prospective buyers see themselves living in your property by creating an outdoor oasis. Refresh worn outdoor furniture, clean up overgrown courtyards and add leafy plants to show buyers where they could spend their outdoor hours. Add a touch of personality and comfort with scented candles, potted flowers, and vibrant cushions.

Maximise natural light

Try to hold your open for inspections early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day. Make the most of natural light at these times by opening blinds, curtains, and windows to let in as much light as possible. Use internal lighting in darker rooms to create a more cozy feel, but make the most of natural light wherever possible to show your house to the best advantage.

Capitalise on summer breezes

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a refreshing cross-breeze on warm days, capitalise on this when buyers inspect your home. Open up your house to make the most of summer airflow, improving ventilation and connecting your property to the outdoors. Lead your buyers to the outside, showing them how pleasant life could be during the summer months, giving them every chance to enjoy that breeze.

Freshen up your decor

Add summer accent colours through your home to freshen up your decor. Aqua and teal tones remind buyers of the beach and ocean while yellow and orange tones brighten up your home with the warmth of summer. Freshen up your look instantly with cushions, vases, mats, wall hangings and other accessories in a summer-inspired colour palette to show off your property and attract more buyers.

Offer a refreshing beverage

A personal and practical way to prepare your home for a summer sale is to offer a refreshing beverage at every inspection. A cool jug of lemonade, sparkling water or juice will be welcomed by all, especially if buyers have been looking at several properties over the course of the day. A little touch like this can set your property apart, helping buyers remember it for all the right reasons this summer.

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