5 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy in the Holidays

Parents are already gearing up for the summer holidays. While this school holiday grants families plenty of quality time to spend with each other, parents take on the challenging task of listing down activities that will keep the kids busy for the next couple of weeks. Easier said than done, with the rise of living costs, parents have to tackle this task while staying within their budget. Every parent knows the cost of school holidays can really rack up, from trips to entertainment venues, to the cost of movie tickets.

It would be more fun to go anywhere and spend any amount on a whim, but the reality is that parents have to stretch hard-earned dollars while aiming to provide a holiday that the kids can enjoy. Is it possible? Absolutely! Here are some activities that won’t break the bank these summer holidays!

Go On Play Dates

Setting up playdates is a great way for both kids and parents to socialise over the summer holidays. For sure, other parents will be open to the idea. Start with asking yours and your children’s immediate circle of friends. You can also ask other parents from school if they’re willing to organise a meetup for the kids during the summer school holidays.

Play dates don’t cost that much so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot when the meetups happen. Kids will be preoccupied playing with each other, and you get a bit of downtime to yourself or to catch up with other parents.

Go Camping

Camping is one of the most affordable activities you can do with the kids, and is also a great opportunity for the kids to explore, to learn, and to develop new skills. Check out the beaches nearest you and pack your tent. Or, you can try out a caravan site with a pool. There are so many options, especially during the summer holidays when places like these are bustling.

When you’re at the campsite, don’t just settle for the kids swimming or playing. Make the most out of your time there by letting them help with the campsite cooking. They can learn a new skill, and you’re hitting two birds with one stone without spending a lot.

Whilst camping usually involves travelling to a new destination, setting up a tent in the backyard is also an epic way to enjoy the camping experience, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Rainy Day Itinerary

Even if it rains during the summer school holidays, you can always make an indoor itinerary that the kids can do. Its often tempting to think that the school holidays is an opportunity to automatically spend endless days playing video games and scrolling through our phone or tablet. It important to spend some quality time with your kids, even when the weather is not on your side. So, what can you include in your rainy-day itinerary?

  • Make a home-style theatre complete with popcorn and a fun movie.
  • Teach the kids how to bake cookies.
  • Play one or two board games.
  • Try painting or another hobby that your kids would like to try. Getting crafty is be inexpensive, and allows for your kids to explore their imaginations.

The sky’s the limit. Use your creativity to come up with activities that the kids can enjoy while it’s pouring outside.

Spend Time Outdoors

As soon as the rain passes, you have the chance to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When outside, there’s an unlimited number of activities you can do with the kids. Going for a walk at the park or beach, planting vegetables in the garden, or going to the playground are all doable activities that don’t cost much but are a lot of fun.

Another inexpensive activity for you and your kids to do these summer holidays is to enjoy an outdoor picnic. Whilst visiting your local park, skate park, bike trail, beach or forest, enjoy lunch with your kids whilst keeping food costs down.

Trip to a Theme Park

If you’ve saved up a bit, you can always take the kids to a theme park, like Luna Park in Sydney. Typically, theme parks offer family ticket passes that are good for the year or the season, and are often cheaper than individual tickets. It’s recommended that you check the theme park’s official website so that you can easily plan out your visit and get an idea of how much the tickets cost. From there, you can plan a road trip or ask other parents if they want to join in on the fun, so you can carpool and save on petrol costs. Catching the train may also be an option for you, which saves further on travel expenses, and is a different experience to what your kids may be used to.

Talk to Vision

Summer school holidays don’t have to be an endless time when the kids do nothing and are bored out of their minds. Just with a little effort and your imagination, you can think of plenty of activities that won’t break the bank, but will keep the kids busy and engaged during their summer break.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to keep on top of your expenses whilst factoring in the summer holidays, it is always best to seek financial advice. Speaking with a Vision Property & Finance financial planner can assist you in coming up with a plan to sort out your finances and get them under control, whilst providing your kids with fun these summer holidays.

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